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Spencer Davis Cal State Fullerton
Reed Ezor University of Colorado Boulder
Grady Faris Cal State Fullerton
Eli Kalfin Northeastern University
Dylan Lucich Santa Ana College
Mason Pettingill Regis University
Sterling Rapp Saddleback College
Michael Rodgers University of Oregon
Skyler Sievert San Francisco State
Andrew Szkiba Santa Ana College
Dane Thompson University of Oregon
Grant Wilks Saddleback College

On this field, you’ve literally left it all—--blood, sweat, and tears. You’ve made lasting friendships that will always be a part of you. You’ve fought side by side with guys who can relate with how bad you want to compete and win. This field holds your laughter as tightly as it holds your frustration. Life goes on and off of this field, but nothing can compare to the feeling you get while standing on it. As you reflect on your time here, know in your heart what it stands for, remember it’s always your home, and cherish all of the memories it holds.

Active Alumni (Updated 7/10/23)

Grad Year Last First Position College MLB Team Level
2023 Flinn Luke INF Orange Coast
2023 Gallison Jack P Saddleback College
2023 Rodgers Chase P Lafayette College
2023 Rodgers Devin OF Orange Coast
2023 Murray Kade P Irvine Valley College
2023 Nesson Andrew P Holy Cross
2022 Grant Faris P Golden West College
2022 Zach Leite 1B/P Orange Coast
2022 Sebastian Moore OF Orange Coast
2022 Jack Moulin UT Regis University
2021 Aedan Anderson OF Xavier University
2021 Rocco DiFrancesco C Colorado Mesa
2021 Nathan Helman P Saddleback
2021 Garrett Knuf INF Cal Tech
2021 Ian May P Cal Berkeley
2021 CJ Zwahlen P Colorado Mesa
2021 AJ Newcomb P Irvine Valley College
2020 Jackson Fleming INF Pomona Pitzer
2020 Ethan Ezor INF Colorado Mesa
2020 Dante Jackson P Golden West College
2019 Logan Gallina C New Mexico State
2017 Hans Crouse P Los Angeles Angels AAA
2015 Justin Sterner P BYU Miami Marlins AAA
2015 Luke Williams UTL Atlanta Braves AAA
2013 Blake Taylor LHP Houston Astros MLB Currently